• Medium Breasts: Probably you have the right amount of breasts. But if you are not happy with your size and want to highlight your look, you can wear a bra with underwire and half circle pads. Mainly called seamed bra, these come in various shapes like horizontal, vertical, transversal or diagonal giving shape from any side you want. They are made up of two fabrics. Push up bras are also best for your size. They will lift up from down and make your breasts look fuller. The outfits to wear on such body types can be tunics, camisoles, criss cross straps or backless tops. Cowl neck and laced fabrics will look overwhelming on your body type. Avoid v neck as they tend to camouflage your assets.
  • Petite Breasts: Small busted girls are not really the ones who compromise on their favourite outfits. Petite cups and padded bras are the most suitable for smaller breasts. Petite cup bra has bigger cups but the cups are close to each other forming cleavage when worn. Similarly padded bras come with padding that makes your breasts look fuller. Pads can be removed in some bras. The outfits to wear on this body type are the clothes that drape your neckline. Polo tees, shallow scoop neckline or ruffled necklines will add body to your busts. Put on a corset that falls halfway down your breasts will also add to your look. A tube dress with knot in the middle of your busts will make you look grand.

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