1. Bigger Breasts: If you are the one who catches all the attention, then the reason might just not be the breasts. Chances are that you are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit well or your bra is giving out shapes from under your tee. Choosing a right bra for bigger breasts is very important. You need to cover up the breasts from sides so there is no extra bulge. Padded bras should be avoided. Bigger breasts tend to fall to the sides. Balcony bras can be perfect for your type. It gives a push to your breasts from down and sides and makes them look rounder. You can also choose the underwire bra that holds up your big breasts. What clothes will flatter you them most? V necks look best on big busted women. Highlight your waist and bumps if they are thin. If you are heavy on all sides, use plus size outfits.

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