While these trendy shirts impart an ultra-modern kick to men’s style statement, many of them are yet to decipher what they actually are. Camp shirts are loose, half-sleeved shirts featuring a simple pocket at front and a collar (camp collar). These shirts have a straight and long falling and need to be worn loose over the trousers. During the summer, these shirts can be donned over a pair of cargo pants. The apparel is not meant for the official parties or formal occasions, but is the perfect choice for evening hang-out or beach parties.

Men’s Camp Shirts are available in plethora of styles and a man can choose a pattern or design as per his choice and preference. These shirts often come in Hawaii prints, or other tropical island landscape prints or feature the patterns of waves. Usually made of soft silk, linen or polyester fabrics, these dresses are guaranteed to offer fullest comfort and ease.

Camp Shirts come in endless designs and prints. Floral prints, coconut and palm tree prints, beach sunrise prints or simple sea wave prints are some of the most common designs. There are many brands and online stores wherein you can check out different colors and prints of these shirts. These comfy shirts are made using special weaves and very soft fabric. While some feature cotton weave, others have a blend of rayon and polyester. The designs and the embroideries in these shirts are meant to impart a casual yet classy look to the wearer.

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