With hipsters seemingly setting many of the fashion trends over the last 12-18 months, it’s absolutely no surprise that beards are as in fashion as they’ve ever been. You can’t walk down any high street without seeing a number of beard and man-bun combinations, and the popularity of male facial hair also seems to have taken a hold in Hollywood and on the catwalks.

But beards have always been popular among men all over the world, and have been considered something of a status symbol in many cultures. Depending on the country you’re in, they have connotations of strength, manliness, virility, wisdom, social standing or simply of frivolity and flamboyance.

There’s no question that beards have seen a resurgence in recent years however, with styles ranging from the full bear to the goatee making regular appearances on the faces of British and American men. In fact, an incredible 52% of men in the UK now have a beard, a percentage that rises to 57% in London.

This beautifully designed infographic from Jacamo takes a look at the popularity of beards in the UK and internationally, highlighting just how popular facial hair has become:


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