Beach hair is the best. There’s some combination of sea salt, water, wind, and sunshine which makes your hair look awesome. It might be a little wild, a bit natural, but it’s a look that makes you feel good. If you’re like me, you might want to spend a lot more time at the beach (and not just for the good hair days), but you can’t make it to the coast very often at all. Well, I can’t bring you the sandy beaches and the margaritas, but I can give you beach hair, by telling your about John Frieda’s Beach Blonde® Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray.

Beach Blonde is about body and texture. It uses one of the main mechanisms of salt water which gives us great hair at the beach: salt and other natural minerals. Your hair can be dried out by salt alone, but lots of other natural minerals are good for it. So Beach Blonde includes plenty of these, as well as natural oils from coconuts and other sources which moisturize and nourish your hair. Your hair will get a lot of body and texture without getting sad and dried out. It’s a look you can achieve every day if you want, without wearing your hair out.

But Beach Babe is a lot more versatile than a single look. JOHN FRIEDA® International Creative Consultant Harry Josh shows you how to get from one look to another in the new “Get the Look: Sexy Waves” video. He’ll take you from an elegant classic Hollywood featuring finely textured waves. Then with a few squirts of Beach Blonde, the look is transformed into something much more Bohemian, much more relaxed. With a few looks like this up your sleeve, you’ll be able to get a lot of versatility from a single bottle of Beach Blonde, so why not grab a bottle and bring the beach babe back to your hair.

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