During The War..: Another favourite theme is The Blitz! Get your Victory Rolls done and your Army uniforms on. Recreate the theme with lively music and make sure the lipstick and curls are in abundance for this 1940’s extravaganza! Red White and Blue bunting and mismatched china are all the rage here, Enough war time fun  and big band music than you can shake a union jack at!

Say Cheese! Go for full on retro and have a 1970’s inspired evening. For a dinner party you can’t go wrong with all the ‘exotic’ dishes of the time like Prawn cocktail, Lasagne and Black Forest Gateaux. Remember  nothing screams cheesy louder than a fondue! Wow your guests with a Babycham fountain for a real 70’s inspired do. Music has got to be cheese from that era – think Tom Jones and Demi Roussos. Just make sure your evening doesn’t end up too much like Abigail’s party!

Sachi is a vintage fan since he was a kid, when he received one of those acrylic paint sets for Christmas from his dad. He currently sources personalised Christmas decorations for the online retailer Personalised Gift Shop.

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