Have your very own Vintage New Year and travel back in time. Host your own theme party this year and encourage everyone to dress up.

Supper Club. Have a sophisticated 1920’s style dinner – Welcome your guests by giving your house a name and with a champagne cocktail when they arrive. Vintage tableware is easy to find and needn’t  be expensive, charity shops,  and bric-a-brac places are always good for old dinner sets – the crockery doesn’t even have to match – this gives you’re party a more authentic and quirky look. A vintage tablecloth, can really set the look.

When the clock strikes twelve be sure to get your jive on with some music from that era and make it fun with a few pointers cards on dancing from that era to help out your guests!

Blind Tiger:  Create your own Speakeasy with a prohibition style bar. Add an air of secrecy with your invitations give everyone a password they have to give at the door before they can enter  – go whole hog and hire a ‘bouncer’ on the door!  Create your own Bootleg Bottles by making your own labels for them and have a gangster theme dress code where guys have to dress in slick suits and girls as Molls!

Buffet foods are great if you are holding a bigger party – try some classics from the era, you don’t have to try too hard here as pretzels and peanuts were a favourite at speak- easy’s back in the day.

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