The LBD or the Little Black Dress is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and versatile pieces which a woman can own. You can wear an LBD to work, or out while on your visit to the town or even to parties; all you need to adjust is the way you accessorize it according to different occasions. Things like shoes and jewelry which you wear with the little black dress decides whether or not the look that you’re sporting is perfect with the theme of the environment. Are you a fashionista trying to upgrade your essential little black dress with some sprout of color in order to create some endless stylish possibilities? If answered yes, here are some ideas to accessorize your LBD with differetn occasion.

  • Decide on a look: We have mentioned earlier that an LBD is extremely versatile and hence it can turn into different styles, depending on the occasion you’re attending. You can create a conservative and clean look with pearls, small earrings and some stylish necklaces. With those, you can wear your regular leather heels or your ballerinas. This can be a good look for your office. For achieving a trendy look, you can opt for stilletoes and a statement necklace which can stand out in the crowd and make you look hot.
  • Select the right jewels: Jewelry can help you convey the right style message in accordance to the mood you’re in. Wear big earrings with your LBD as there are times when all that you need are a big pair of earrings. Pair your little black dress with a statement necklace and add a great watch on to your wrist to complete the look.
  • Add a vibrant silk scarf: If you don’t like the monotonous look of your LBD and you’re going out for a summer party, how about adding a vibrant silk scarf with some bright splash of colors? You will find many colored scarfs with beautiful prints in violet and lavender and these can be worn to add color to the look of your LBD.
  • Wear polka dot tights: Instead of leaving your legs bare, you can kick up the volume of your dress by adding on a pair of creative tights. Polka-dots can be a fashionable choice but make sure that the polka dots are black on black net and not a contrasted color. This can make you look chic and stylish.
  • Pump up your hairstyle: If you don’t have enough accessories to change the look of your LBD, you can just pump up your hairstyle instead. With a pumped up hairdo, it is possible to create an entirely different look without having to look for accessories.

Hence, just as you need to look out for bean bags shop in Sydney while purchasing bean bags; similarly you have to watch out for the latest trends which are in. Choose in accordance with your personality so that your style sense matches with YOU!

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