The Team

You won't find any fancy 3 letter titles or investment group names here. We are merely 4 geeks from Seattle that built GroupieGuide for our own groups.

Contact us at or individually below:

The Design Geek
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The JavaScript Geek
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The Ruby Geek
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The Business Geek
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What is GroupieGuide?

GroupieGuide is the painless way to setup an attractive website for your real-life group. Whether you are tracking your group's happy hour adventures or managing your cycling team's training schedule; GroupieGuide makes it effortless to organize and promote your group's events, news, photos, and discussions. GroupieGuide is absolutely free to use, completely ad-free, and is currently establishing a freemium revenue model. Bootstrapped by 4 professional geeks from Seattle, GroupieGuide was designed to offer the balance of simplicity and features that (in our opinion) competing sites lack.

GroupieGuide is currently in public beta testing mode which just means that we still have a few creases to iron out.

What's in the pipeline?

Enhanced Customization
Private groups, custom domain names, etc.
Improved Events
Recurring dates and an RSVP system.
Better Pictures
Upload multiple photos at once, add captions and comments, setup albums, export original photos, etc.
News Import
Import group news from your group member's RSS feeds (blog, twitter, facebook, etc).
Data Export
Export your events and data to iCal, Outlook, CSV, and RSS.
Give subscribers admin powers and send private messages to selected subscribers.
Integration with 3rd Party Services
Flickr?, Twitter?, Facebook? Look out.