On the list of things we can be grateful for in the universe—and there are plenty—are custom shirts. Here are seven ways custom shirts made life awesome for you:


Birthdays, Holidays, Etc.

And for any other holiday, occasion, date and special day that exists in your calendar: custom shirts make a great gift, if not exactly one of the most perfect gifts around. Pick different colors, designs, statements, sizes. They say there’s a shirt out there for everyone. Custom shirts help you give that shirt to every friend, family and loved one.


Event Giveaways

Don’t give the giveaway from hell. People love shirts because these articles of clothing are always functional. And because they can be customized, you can have it printed out with whatever name, photo or information you want. Messages work too. A simple “Thank You” over the photo lets your guests know you appreciate the time and effort it took on their part to make it your event, to make it successful. It’s easy to see why a lot of people are making custom shirts their go-to choice for giveaways.


Easy marketing

What’s a great way to market your product or service? Making sure you’re reaching as many of your market as you need to. Accessibility is vital. And one of the best ways to do that is to hand over promotional shirts to your target market. Ever seen one of those street mascots tirelessly—and memorably—advertising anything from burger joints to laundry services and shoe repair shops? Imagine more than ten or even as much as fifty people doing the same for your client or business. And you won’t even need to hire a single one. By giving out promotional shirts, you basically get the same results. Think of it as a form of crowd marketing. You’re letting masses of your market promote the business for you. It’s simple and easy marketing.


Team Pride

Football season? Baseball? Basketball? Tennis? Whatever sports you’re in, there’s nothing like showing off a little team pride to the rest of the world. Do it with shirts. These days, ordering custom tshirts online is easy. Have your favorite player’s number printed out, go with a photo or just that one single line you know is guaranteed to give a major burn—for days—to that anti-fan friend or coworker you have.


Group Activities

Hosting a book drive? Maybe a seminar? Putting together a sports fest? Whatever activity you have in mind, getting custom shirts is a convenient way to inspire excitement in the participants. And designed with just the right photo, team creed or motto that hits close to the heart, about the value of team work and doing your best, custom shirts could be just the thing to inspire that wonderful sense of sportsmanship in your team. Pressed for time? No worries. Companies like RushOrderTees.com can help you out. You can bet you’ll get those shirts just in time. So kick off that sports fest to a great, wonderful start with your custom tees.


Mood Barometer

Feeling happy and awesome? And definitely not shy about letting the rest of the world know about it? Then custom shirts are definitely for you. Going for a sunny design is also fantastic for getting a blast of those much needed positive vibes and easy pick-me-ups for those less than awesome days that the universe likes to hand you, every once in a while.



Have something on your mind? Concerned about the dwindling trees? Unhappy with the thought that somewhere, in some part of the world, another dolphin didn’t make it today? Can’t stand the thought of entire populations of animals going extinct?


Want to help? Lend your support to charity or an advocacy? Getting custom shirts made for that is an easy way to help spread awareness for your cause. Designs that encourage people to go green, to help out in whatever way they can to be more eco-friendly, can lead to little changes that all add up to something great and positive in the end.


Team Love

Want to be goofy with your partner? Get custom shirts that celebrate the idea of being goofy, nerdy and sweet with your special someone. Needle your friends in the best way by turning yourselves into the cheesiest couple you know. Go cute with designs like “I love her,” “I love him” with arrows pointing to each other. Or, pick humor with “Gillian’s Property” for your partner and “I’m Gillian” for yours.


Film Buff

Just can’t find the perfect Totoro shirt for long-time-Hayao-Miyazaki-fan-you? Still looking for your long-lost Jurassic Park shirt? Custom shirts can give you shirts printed with designs you love. And designs of shirts you loved and lost. Keep old memories alive with new shirts and enjoy the best of the old with the new. 

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