A lot of women think that we need to spend a fortune to update our wardrobe but this notion is absolutely wrong. Little adjustments here and there can make a huge difference. You don’t always have to buy new things but if you do, you can spare yourself from a lot of unnecessary purchases by learning how to shop smart and have a solid plan before going to brick & mortar stores and online shopping sites. Check out these tips and tricks so you can enhance your wardrobe without spending an insane amount of money.


1. Assess your current wardrobe.

At the very least, you should have these basic pieces: a white blouse, a LBD, a pair of jeans, a solid color shirt, a jacket, a solid color turtleneck, a knee-length skirt, black trousers, a pair of boots, a pair of heels, a pair of casual flats, a pair of dress shoes and a handbag in a neutral color. You can mix and match them to create a whole new outfit without the need to buy new clothes.

2. Keep the things you need and get rid of the rest.

Here’s where it can get interesting. You don’t actually have to throw away your old clothes. You can sell them so you’ll have money to shop for new clothes. You can sell them on eBay or in secondhand stores. Or you can consider swapping clothes with friends.

3. Know your style.

It’s nice to be able to go shopping every time there’s a new fashion trend but that’s not only expensive, it’s also exhausting. So instead of always trying to go with what’s hot, know your own personal style. Check the Web for styles that you like and then “pin” them on a virtual board (Pinterest) or a real cork board if you have one at home. Having a clear idea of what you like will keep you from buying stuff you may not wear at all.

4. Wear trendy accessories.

Many fashion accessories can be purchased on the cheap and wearing them can totally improve the way you look. Buy a few pairs online or in department stores, so you can match them with any outfit you’re wearing.

5. Set a budget.

I know a lot of women who end up spending hundreds of dollars on a single shopping spree and rack up huge credit card debts. You need to figure out how much you can afford to spend every month and stick to it.

6. Go to second hand stores.

There are some really nice finds in these shops but it’ll take a lot of patience to go through each rack to find what you’re looking for. Many of these stores have designer clothes that you can buy for a fraction of the original price because they’re already used. But don’t get me wrong – a lot of stuff for sale in these stores are still in excellent condition.

8. Buy off-season

You’re probably not used to buying beachwear during winter but you can find some really good deals when you buy off-season. They’re usually heavily discounted so you might as well take advantage of these deals while you can.

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