Several people are considering careers are cosmetologists. Perhaps you are one of them. Being a hairstylist definitely has its perks. However, there are a few things you might want to be aware of before you take the plunge and enroll in school. In particular, here is a list of 8 things no one tells you about being a cosmetologist


1 – The Hours Can Be Challenging


When you work as a hairstylist, you do not have traditional work hours. Instead, you often work later nights and weekends. You also have to be somewhat accommodating to the schedules of others if you want to maintain your client base.


2 – Your Body Gets Sore


Cosmetologists perform physical labor each day. They use their arms as they work their magic. In many cases, the repetitive motions that they make during curling, cutting, and coloring can create aches and pains. This soreness can occur in different areas of the body including your hips, wrists, and more. Preventing carpal tunnel syndrome becomes key.


3 – Your Feet Will Be Tired


Standing on your feet all day can take its toll as well. Your feet are likely to be very tired after work, and they might hurt worse if you wear uncomfortable shoes.


4 – Hair Is Everywhere


When you work as a hairstylist, hair is everywhere. Do not be surprised if it ends up on your clothing or even your undergarments. It is easier than you might think to transfer hair from the salon to your car or home. This can be frustrating for some people.


5 – Be Weary of Lice


Most cosmetologists have at least one experience working with head lice. This can be traumatizing, and it is important to know how to recognize and remove them. Also, make sure you clean your supplies so your next client doesn’t get infected.


6 – Hair Slivers Are Real


Hair slivers are like splinters that end up in your skin. You can get them just about anywhere. Many hairstylists get them on their feet from wearing open toed shoes.


7 – You Will Probably Be a Psychologist Too


Your clients will talk to you like they do a psychologist. Be prepared to listen and give advice. This is often part of the salon experience.


8 – You Might Want to Have Your Own Business


At some point, you might want to ditch the salon and create your own business. This might generate more income for you, but you have to understand how to manage the operations aspects.


Are you up for all of this? Perhaps. Many people love working as hairstylists. You just need to know what you are getting into.

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