Does your home need a facelift? Want to make a few changes so it looks like it belongs more in Hollywood than a trailer park? If so, there are a few home renovations you can make that will make your home resemble a homestead of the rich and famous. Included here are a few changes you can make to give your home more star power.

Be Influenced by the Islands

Ralph Lauren’s Montauk escape is the perfect blend of sophistication with relaxed island style. The beautiful hardwood floors offer warmth and comfort, contrasting to the breezy white of the teak tester bed. Soft wicker chairs with white comforters bring the feeling of the islands inside.

Renaissance Your Bathroom

Take a cue from Jenny Craig and turn your bathroom into a homage to the Renaissance. Featuring a large soaking tub, stone floors and a large fireplace, Craig’s bathroom breathes extravagance. A large Renaissance-inspired mural hanging over the fireplace ties the room’s unique attributes together seamlessly.

Be Bohemian

Integrate mixed textures and colors for a bohemian infused living space that pays tribute to Vanessa Carlton’s style. For richer contrast, try a bare brick wall set against sleek gray furniture. By mixing and matching your furniture and decor pieces you will have a beautifully bohemian parlor.

Embrace Your Surroundings

With elements of midcentury modern design present throughout his Malibu home, Brad Pitt has an incredible kitchen that celebrates his coastal views. Pitt has integrated many windows that present a “wall of glass” appeal, as well as a glass garage door that opens to the bluff-top setting. Pitt also celebrates modern comforts with a large walk-in fridge and freezer.

Slumber Sweeter

Nothing can be more peaceful than a beautifully designed bedroom to drift off to sleep in. Cameron Diaz has an incredibly cozy master bedroom with gilded wallpaper along the ceiling, bamboo window shades and a comfortable 1950’s French chair. Diaz’s exquisite style reminds you that space does not have to be an issue when decorating your home.

Embrace Unique and Sentimental

Courtney Cox created a wonderfully sophisticated bathroom at her Malibu home. By blending soft velvet covered seating with granite backdrops and white oak supports, the black and white theme is supported with elements of blue. Drawings her father did in high school are proudly displayed on the vanity, blending modern style with sentiments from her past.

Contrast is Key

This is evident in Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan apartment bedroom. Combining a neutral color scheme of white with dark accents, Trump allows the seamless blend of opposites. The clean, white furniture is offset with a large fur covering on the bed as well as an alpaca velvet covered headboard.

Sleek and Simple

To integrate clean, cool style, allow yourself to be influenced by Katherine Hepburn’s Connecticut estate. Hepburn’s kitchen retains a white color scheme, with a deep-set farmhouse sink and pristine marble island.

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