A wedding gift registry is a great way for a bride and groom to make sure they get exactly what they need. Gift buying can be tricky at the best of times, but it certainly feels more personal than simply giving money. Home furnishings will usually dominate most lists of this kind, and the following items should definitely make an appearance on your own wedding registry.

Bed Linen
Bed linen is an essential for any wedding registry. We can’t live without it, and most of us would probably appreciate a quality set. A good choice is the Luxury Hotel Collection 500 TC Super King Size Duvet Cover. It has a luxurious feel to it, but is far from the most expensive collection from House of Fraser.

A quality set of cutlery can last for many years, making it a perfect addition to the registry. Cutlery sets can vary from day-to-day collections to more elaborate dinner party items. You could split this onto two separate items in order to cover both bases, while avoiding having one expensive item on the list.

Cushions might not seem like an essential item, but a nicely-designed set can really change the look and feel of a room. There are plenty of lovely designs on the market right now – sold in high street stores as well as online – that would be perfect as a wedding gift.

Most of us could benefit from an updated dinner set, with plates getting chipped and smashed over the years. The great thing about adding a dinner set to your registry is the versatility. You can choose from a simple and small collection, or go for something larger and more ornate.

Glassware is probably even more prone to damage than dinnerware, so adding a new collection to your registry is a good idea. You could even offer a few different options for guests, such as flutes, tumblers, and a more general selection. House of Fraser offer many different styles, from a simple design to the more expensive platinum range.

Every room in the house will require lighting of some kind, so why not add a few options to your registry? You can vary the items by price, size, and style to ensure that guests have a variety of options. Table lamps are typically fairly small and affordable, but they come in enough styles to ensure you’re spoiled for choice. There are also plenty of ceiling lamps that could transform and upgrade any room in the house.

A rug is a simple addition to a room, but it can be stylish enough to work as a nice gift. Try to pick a stylish design or interesting imprint to increase its value as a wedding gift, and create a memorable addition to any space.

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