The French pretty much lead the world when it comes to fashion, particularly that effortless, elegant look that so many people trying to imitate. Fashion just seems to come naturally to the French, particularly in cosmopolitan cities such as Paris.

I’ve been lucky enough to discuss French fashion with a host of Parisian fashionistas over the last couple of years, and they’ve given me numerous nuggets of advice for getting that Gallic chic look. So I decided to put together a list of my five favourite pearls of French fashion wisdom to share with you, so next time you’re visiting France, you can pull of that effortless style like a local:

Nothing is too young or old for you if it’s worn right

The French don’t worry too much about whether clothing is too young or old, if it suits you, then it’s right. As a result many of the older generation in France often still look incredibly stylish, because they’re not worried about wearing something that might be perceived as ‘too young’ for them. So don’t worry about age ranges, just focus on clothes that suit your own style and look good on your body type, then wear it with confidence.

You don’t need to wear high heels all the time

People often seem to think that French women wear high heels all the time, no matter where they are or where they’re going. But that simply isn’t true, French women love their flat shoes, particularly in big cities like Paris, where you’ll need to walk a lot. You’ll never see a French woman wearing uncomfortable heels just for the way they look, and you’ll see plenty of them wearing ballet pumps and other fashionable flats.

The way your wear your necklace matters

It might seem odd, but I’ve heard it numerous times. A necklace worn on bare skin is a young look, whereas worn over clothes looks older. Similarly, matching necklaces and earrings are older than an unmatched set. I’m not really sure why this is the case, but it is how it works in France.

Your jewellery should match your movement

If you’re heading to a formal, elegant dinner, then your jewellery should be still, meaning there’s not much movement in your necklace, earrings or bracelet. Conversely, if you’re at a casual party and you’re enjoying yourself, your jewellery should reflect this freedom and energy – it should dangle and move with you.

Effortless doesn’t mean no effort

The French style is often described as ‘effortless’, but that doesn’t mean making no effort. French chic is not leaving your hair unmanaged and going out with no make up, it’s more about minimalism, and appearing to be effortless, but in reality that look can take quite a lot of effort!

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