While there is little doubt that jewellery is both stunning and romantic, actually choosing the right item can be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to diamonds since these stones can be quite expensive. You’ll therefore want to choose the best so you are getting better value for your money. In this guide, we will look over five important qualities to keep an eye out for when shopping for any kind of diamond-related accessories.

  1. Cut. The way a diamond is cut will affect how the light interacts with it. This can be for better for worse. For example, a well cut diamond will glitter and shine from every angle as the light reflects through the facets, shining out for the entire world to see. A cut that is too shallow or too deep will reduce the diamond’s appearance significantly. The quality of cut is directly proportional to the price of that jewellery. Since this is related to appearance, you’ll need to ask the opinion of whoever will wear that item if they approve of it or not.
  2. Clarity. With regards to diamonds, clarity refers to the purity of the stone. Some jewels contain blemishes while others are considered flawless. When out shopping, ask to see the stone’s grading certification to find out how high the clarity is. You need not opt for absolutely flawless gems though as some imperfections can only be seen through a powerful microscope. Therefore, you should use your own eyesight to have a look at the stones, keeping a lookout for those with no visible blemishes to be seen. How these accessories appear to the casual observer is what’s important after all.
  3. Colour. While most people think of diamonds as being clear, they can actually be found in a variety of different colours. Blue white (the traditional form) is the most expensive and is only an option for those with plenty of cash. A cheaper alternative is to choose tinted diamond jewellery instead. A yellow hue is more cost effective and undistinguishable from colourless stones to the casual observer. You can even find some stronger colours, such as red and pink, for a more unique look to your luxury accessories. Again, ask the jeweller about the colour to see which tone you’re actually interested in.
  4. Carat. The final diamond quality is carat which is basically a measure of the weight. It will always pay to think about the above characteristics first since the size of the stone doesn’t really play a part in its quality. It will however play an important role in whether the recipient actually likes the style or not. Thus, you should find out which size is preferred. Rings typically feature 1 or 2 carat diamonds, so this is a good place to start. The size of the wearer’s hands will need to be considered too, with petite hands more suitable for smaller stones.
  5. Price. Lastly, you’ll need to balance all the above qualities with how much you can afford. Obviously, those on a budget won’t be able to buy the absolute top quality jewellery out there. This means that you’ll need to prioritise which characteristics are most important. A good rule of thumb is to look at cut and clarity before you consider colour and carat. This is because a small diamond won’t really be affected if the hue is slightly imperfect. The cut and the internal impurities will make a difference though, regardless of how large the stone actually is. With the right thought, you should be able to find a good quality diamond that fits in with your budget.


About the Author:

Lynwood S. Meyer is from The Diamond Store, a diamond jewellery dealer based in UK offering high calibre items embedded with diamonds and precious stones, designed for various clients across the globe.

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