Wristwatches have been a part of the fabric of fashion accessory tradition since they were first conceived of in the 16th century. Of course, back then only the very rich could afford to wear a watch and they were both unreliable and unwieldy. Yet, the fashion for wearing a wristwatch persisted and became further popularised by a surge in use during the First World War, during which time wristwatches began to be worn by men as well as women.

Modern wristwatches are a matter of both practicality and aesthetic appeal, with modern designer watch brands showcasing the very best of material, design and technology. Advancements in watch making design and skill have led to people having a lot more choice over what type of watch they will wear, and to what occasion. But now, consumers are looking for new ways to wear watches that take the art of accessorising to a whole new level.

As a Necklace

Watches don’t necessarily have to be worn on the wrist, and indeed many people are now finding it much easier to wear a watch as they would a pendant necklace. You could incorporate your watch into an existing necklace or, if your watch has detachable straps, join the watch face with a beautiful chain for a unique pendant that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

In the Pocket

It’s official – watches are going back into pockets. This is a relatively new area for women, who haven’t typically tended to wear pocket watches in the past. But as women’s fashions have changed and pockets have become more common – even to the point where they’re being included in dress designs – this watch option has become more accessible.

As a Brooch

Brooches are a classic emblem of vintage finery, and nothing says elegance better than a beautiful brooch made out of the face of an old-style watch. You might choose to wear your watch brooch on its own or, if you’re feeling crafty, accessorise it with a sprig of whatever flower is currently in bloom in your garden.

On Your Bag

In the 90s it was fashionable for people to wear badges on their bags. These days it’s all about bag accessories that are a little more sophisticated, whilst still keeping it casual. For a totally relaxed look, consider looping your wristwatch around the handle or strap of your bag. Just be careful – wearing this style to a stylish function is a great idea but you should probably think about tucking your watch away when walking down the street.


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