As an adult, your general personality and how you approach life is probably not going to change that much, or at least it won’t change that quickly. But, one thing that you can do to give the world a quick nudge off of its standard path is to change how you look.


Now, there are an infinite number of ways to do this, but five categories that can be the easiest ones to get the most change out of include growing a beard, changing your hobbyist outfits, getting a new lease on a hairdo, choosing a new hat, and finding some new covers for your eyeballs.


Grow a Beard


One of the biggest game-changers for any guy to go through when it comes to an appearance change is making the decision to grow a beard. This take commitment in terms of time and resources, and then there is also the dreaded time period when there is the awkward ‘between’ stage where it’s difficult to tell exactly where the fashionable hairs are moving toward, or away from.


Hop To Another Hobbyist Lifestyle Category


In terms of appearance, you don’t really have to change much about your hobbies to just look like your changing hobbies. For instance, you can buy some running gear, which will entirely change your basic look, without ever really having to go running. The same goes for other fitness gear, or even clothes that would be more suited to the musically or artistically inclined. It’s kind of a crap shoot whether anyone is going to call you out on your wardrobe vs. your actual habits, so it’s up to your to present a consistent front in that regard.


Adjust the Hairdo


When you hit up your barber next, ask what they recommend in terms of haircuts. True, your own opinion and the opinions of friends and family do matter, but a barber is going to have far more expertise in the matter, and with a brief review of the vibe you want to give off, should be able to achieve that goal.


Pick a New Hat


Many times the appearance of a man is distinguished by how he wears his hat. So what kind of hat are you going to wear? How different are you going to look wearing a cowboy hat vs. a baseball cap? Keep those types of questions in mind.


Find Some New Covers for Your Eyeballs


Finally, there is the matter of glasses and contact lenses. A simple decision can change your entire look, whether it’s getting a different style of glasses or ditching them altogether and going for a new set of contacts that you’ll be able to see the world through.

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