Thanks to entrepreneurial geniuses like Tim Ferris and Lewis Howes, lifestyle blogs are being created in record numbers.

These types of blogs are appealing to many. After all, who doesn’t want to craft the perfect life for themselves?

If you’re a lifestyle blogger and struggling to gain a slice of the traffic pie, don’t sweat it. Many others are in the same boat as you, and most of them will quit.

You however, are here about to learn 4 very important tips to generating more traffic and finding success in the blogosphere.

Let’s dive in.

1. Focus on Your Audience, Not Yourself

Lots of bloggers take to the internet to share their own lives with others. That’s great, except they write about their own problems and don’t provide any ways to solve them.

Those people have made a fundamental error, not just in blogging, but in business in general – always focus on your audience, not yourself.

Think about the last time you searched the internet. Were you looking to learn all about some random person’s life, or were you selfishly trying to solve a problem of your own?

Duh. The latter, obviously.

All successful businesses focus on their audience first, and so should you as a lifestyle blogger.

Use your content as a way to attract visitors by solving burning problems in their lives. And make sure you always create absolutely remarkable content.

2. Implement a Sound SEO Strategy

Lifestyle blogger or not, no one loves to focus on SEO. It is, however, one of those things imperative to generating long-term traffic.

There are many places to start when to comes to building your own SEO strategy, but the best is to learn from your competitors. Use an online SEO analysis tool to gain useful insight on other lifestyle blogs’ best performing content and keyword rankings.

After you find out what’s been working for them, you can translate that into building a strategy that works for you.

Find a good basic SEO strategy guide that can teach you everything you need to know about keyword targeting, research, and utilization.

Then, put it into place and watch your traffic numbers climb.

3. Start Capturing Email Addresses

Many bloggers state the importance of building an email list, and they’re right.

Capturing email addresses and creating a list is a super effective and easy way to convert one-time traffic into recurring visitors.

Lots of websites rely on their own subscriber base to generate a ton of monthly traffic and to share their content with even more people.

If you want to grow your lifestyle blog, you better do the same.

Building an email list isn’t just about collecting data. It’s about building a following and acquiring fans who will support you along the way.

4. Always Publish Content Regularly

More often than not, a website’s traffic heavily depends on publishing content regularly.

People who follow blogs, especially in the lifestyle niche, are always looking for new and useful content.

If you’re only posting sporadically when you feel like it, chances are your traffic numbers are going to reflect that.

Try publishing on a weekly basis and see how your numbers change. Then, try publishing twice a week and look at the results.

You will likely see a huge spike in traffic after you start publishing more frequently…just don’t forget to market your content as well.


Lifestyle blogs are fun and profitable business if done right. Growing your traffic to substantial numbers doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be well on your way to more traffic and successful blogging.


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