Spring is finally upon us and it’s time to make the most of the longer days and very welcome sunshine that’s started to peep out from behind the clouds. Whether you’re heading to Coachella in California or the Isle of Wight Festival this year, here are four essential fashion items that will make sure you’re sizzling with style this festival season.

  1. Fringe Fun

Fringe cut materials make the perfect boho chic addition to any outfit. Fringe suede or leather boots are a great addition to any wardrobe for a vintage look and shoulder bags with fringe cut edges are a handy accessory to have at festivals too. For more fun, upcycle some old loose, faded t-shirts by cutting fringe tassels into the bottoms. You can even tie them into knots and add beads to personalise them into designs that no one else will have.

  1. Natural Accessories

Being out and about all day doesn’t mean you have to compromise on accessories so be sure you’ve got the perfect straw hat for your head shape as well as plenty of head bands and hair ties to change up your look throughout the day. When it comes to jewellery, keep things simple as you’ll be busy bopping around to all the great music so stick to natural accessories like silver midi rings, flower necklaces or bright polymer clay jewellery for a pop of colour.

  1. Denim Shorts

If there’s one item that’s an absolute no-brainer when it comes to packing for a festival, it’s the denim short. Whether cut-off or rolled up, denim shorts are the perfect festival fashion piece that can literally be worn in hundreds of ways. There are tons of designs out there and you can even customise your own with bleach, studs or tie dye so be sure to find your favourite pair.

  1. Perfect Pumps

Footwear for festivals should be both stylish and practical because let’s face it, whatever you wear is bound to get muddy, trodden on or drinks spilt on them so it’s a good idea not to take your most expensive pair of boots! You’ll be standing and walking a lot so it’s best to keep comfortable. Pick up an inexpensive pair of pumps that go with most of your outfits like some white Converse trainers or classic Toms to complete your look.

Sunny festival style is all about being laid-back and having fun with what you wear. Experiment with your wardrobe and express your personality and who knows, you could end up being featured in a fashion blog or two!


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