2. Propose with a Balloon

I think it’s indeed one of the best methods to propose a girl. All you need to do is to buy a balloon and put the ring inside it. Now go to her home and ask her to blow the balloon. Sit beside her and let her to blow the balloon till the time when it gets burst. She will definitely start screaming with happiness when she sees a ring throw out from the balloon. She will not only accept your proposal but also remember this day of proposal in her life.

3. Propose at Ice Cream Bar

When you are planning to propose your darling by placing the ring inside the ice cream cup then you should first pack it within a small box. Once you have done with covering, it’s good to hide it in the ice cream cup in such a way that cup never give any hint to her. When she will start enjoying the ice cream then all in the sudden she hit with the box that has a ring that you have created for her. She may lose control on her and start laughing.

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