Have you fallen in love with someone? Can’t leave without her? Go and propose her but with an engagement ring. I’m sure that this ring will demonstrate your inner feeling in a clear and precise manner. Proposing a girl without an engagement ring is indeed look awkward so, it is better to create your own engagement ring first. Good thing is that there are many online jewelry shops which let you to design a nice looking engagement ring in a matter of seconds, only you need to pick the metal, setting and stone and your order will be ready within a week. I know that many people don’t like to wait when they are planning to proper their sweetheart. However, I always suggest them to wait for the best ring. A pre-set ring may have some hidden flaws. Do you want to present a ring with flaws? After a week when your ring will be ready, you are able to present it to her. Here are four exciting ways that let you to propose her in the best manner.

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