Spring is now upon us, which means warmer weather, more hours of sunshine and an abrupt end to high winds and cold snaps. Not only this, however, but it also heralds the dawn of a new season in fashion, where the latest trends in clothing, make-up and hairstyling make the international debuts in front of a global audience. This season’s hairstyling trend are set to be particularly interesting, as they include a range of alternative techniques and fuse cultural influences from throughout the world.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most prominent spring hairstyles and the reasons behind their popularity this year: –

  1. The High Shine Look

In professional circles, this look is referred to as ‘killer shine’ as it is almost wet but manages to remain on the right side of glossy. There is a fine line between high shine locks and those that appear to be greasy, and managing to strike this delicate balance can deliver a high-maintenance look with an undeniable wow factor. Whether you choose to include gelled sides or slicked-back roots is entirely up-to-you, but either way this flat-to-the-head look works extremely well when it builds into a sleek low-ponytail.

  1. Messy Plaits for the Modern Woman

In many ways, plaits are the tress trend that continue to re-emerge during the spring or summer seasons. Early indications are that this season’s plaits should be either glossy or matte, so long as they are messy or feature an element of disorganisation and rebellion. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys a little anarchy, or those of you who do not have the time to cultivate a perfectly neat hairstyle on a daily basis. To achieve this, you will need to arm yourself with the necessary quality of products to secure the shape, so consider visiting a one-stop styling resource such as Capital Hair & Beauty.

  1. The Sporty Style

Perhaps the single most popular spring hairstyle in 2014, the sporty look is one that will continue to dominate the British market this year. This is primarily due to the considerable efforts of style-icon Victoria Beckham, who has proved that you do not need to wear trainers or a tracksuit to embody the sports deluxe image. A key aspect of this style is the creative use of accessories, including colourful and functional stretchy headbands. Such a style is both practical and stylish in equal measure, while it is also ideal for anyone who wants to visit their local gym without compromising on their desired look.



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